here my remedy for mites and worms

a least twice a year i give the birds a dose of garlic in water ,i put 2 cloves in a pot let boil and leave to cool then put the content into a jug id give this at dersert spoon to 1 ltr and give every 2nd day for a week and the rest of the watered garlic id add 3mls of acv to the mix ,id then get a spary botle and 80percent fill with normal water and fill the rest with the garlic and cider vinegar water then id spary the birds every day for 3-5 days this is my natural remedy for mite and worms ive even caught up birds after treating them and no sign of these buggers all i can say is give it a try and spary birds with tthis once a week throughout the year to keep them at bay ,and for cages i dilute duramitex with again garlic and spray all over aviary hope this bit of info helps

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