some members i meet at stafford in october 2010

terry mcCracken

This is domo and oggo very good friend s and alot of help these guys gave me

here some snaps of friends that have helped me on my way to glory,some of these people are respected birdmen and take pride in what they do well done to all

me at christys setup boy i was starving 

this is trev very good man havent talk or meet him much but here is him at my place had a good chat and he gave me some good tips clap clap 

here is a new comer to the hobby nice fela is keith byrne here is him enjoying holding a young hen ,i was enspired by keith and his dads birds at the shows this year some very nice birds they both have and may it continue all i can say about this fela is keep up the good work and you wont go wrong  clap clap  

this is chris a top man he has some top class birds greenies bullies ect was at a reent show and a cock bullie breed by himself was a stunner a credit to you he wont show me his secret ha ha well ive known him a while and has visited me a fair bit so good man chris and always welcome  

here my dad with some of his winning gouldian finches he has got me back into birds he has bred bullies canaries all his live when he lived in uk and has got me into hobby like to thank him for the tips he gave me i wouldnt of done it without him thanks dad 

another top man is alan o callaghan he breeds some stunners as photo show a well respected man is al hes help me out with birds and im grateful mate ,hope 2010 goees well for you mate hope to see you with more stunning birds clap clap 

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