hi my name is stephen and live in dublin ive being breeding bullfinches a year and a half and bred 20 the season gone ,alot of people give up on bullfinches as there one of the birds that can be here one day gone next day and there feeding can be quite different than other species with buds of fruit trees wild food ect ..and this species is gets breathing problems as most native breeders know of as gapes with in my eyes is caused by a few thing RICH DIET LIKE TO MUCH HEMP,SUNFLOWER ECT ,ANOTHER cause is damp sheds these birds dont do well in damp conditions so my advice is to try an insuate shed as much as possible and myplomsis is another cause which can be treated with a drug called tylon ,so if anyone is trying this wounderful species of bird cut back on the fatty seed and give plenty of excercise and veg , fruit ect and they will do you proud


My diet for feeding is a 50-50 plain canary -countrywide bullfinch mix ,when nearer the breeding season i add some wild seeds to ther mix versa-laga wild seed is my choice ,bullies get greens fruit ect twice week my eggfood choice is quiko fauna mix with quiko classic and on the run up to breeding season mealworm buffolo and waxworm are readily taking ,i try to keep my feeding simple as possible and only feed seed in small amounts as they tend to gourge on there favourate seeds and leave alot of waste ,so spoonfull a day till empty when in season dandalion are a great conditioner for both birds as is dock,nettle ect

here me pictured left with a good friend of mine  

 im currents on the best native mule and hybrids website and theres alot of people from uk nirelad and south ireland that are great people i was inspired by a articile done by a fela up north on bullfinches his name is paul girvan and its a must read you wil find the web site on as without the help of this guy articile id probably be breeding gerbils haha

native mules and their hybirds .co.uk so go and join us all are welcome

here is some of the members of the native bird site all top people 


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